The world of paperless bookkeeping.

Article by Emma Warren

To all the business owners and sole traders drowning in documents, listen up. 

Just as Aladdin took a ride on the magic carpet, you can take a magical ride on the cloud.

With the growing global prevalence of cloud-based software, it is anticipated that, one day, everything will be paperless.

The only way to prepare for a cloud-based globe is to jump on the paperless trend too. 

Despite some outmoded beliefs, accounting and bookkeeping can be made 100% digital. 

All of those receipts, invoices, documents, files, contracts and notes… they will look much better on your screen, rather than scattered over your desk. 

As a team leading the way in Australian cloud-based accounting, we have heard time and time again how going paperless can change lives

The benefits of paperless books

Paperlessness. Is that a word? We’re not sure. But we like it. 

It’s not just bookkeeping making a turn to online. Most businesses are aiming to transfer all of their methods and processes into the digital sphere. 


There are ample reasons to ditch the paper and seek more digitally-focused solution: 

Reduce environmental footprint 

Long-term solution for storing your documents without consuming physical space 

Easier to sort, filter and search for documents 

Simpler document sharing between staff, teams and customers 

Cleaner and more organised office/ factory space 

Faster internal procedures with the elimination of printing and physical letter sending 

Cost-savings with less printing and physical storage solutions


In the specific case of bookkeeping, being paperless means that everything is stored, prepped and ready-to-go when tax time rolls around. Instead of spending hours compiling your receipts and invoices, you will already have a complete list of profits and expenses. 

Digital bookkeeping literally takes the stress out of the tax season.  



How can you evolve your bookkeeping to the cloud?

Going paperless can seem like a daunting task. Particularly for long-standing or large businesses, initially transferring documents into digital files can take some time. 

However, the benefits of going digital ensure the effort is worthwhile.  

Get ready for a lot of scanning and uploading. You may even need to hire a temporary shredder. 

Registering with modern bookkeeping software is the simplest way to transform your old-school document management habits. 

At Rumpel, we stick our middle finger up to archaic paper methods. As a service that operates entirely online, we fully encourage the simpler, more cost-effective and effortless way of paperless bookkeeping. 

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