Are bookeeping services expensive?

Article by Emma Warren

As a freelancer or small business owner, you understand how crucial every single dollar can be to your success. When business growth is pending, you can’t fathom wasting money on anything non-fundamental. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that spending money on business administration can cause your hair to fall out. As a hard-working individual with a profit-focused mindset, you will naturally tend to DIY as much as possible. 

Hiring a bookkeeper may initially seem to be one of those jobs that can be completed yourself in order to save a little dosh. However, as the world of bookkeeping progresses, small businesses are beginning to realise that cost-effective, simple and helpful solutions do exist. 

Aussie small business aren’t hiring bookkeepers whimsically. There is method to the madness.

The benefits of using an online bookkeeping service.

– You have more time to focus on your sales, marketing and operations. Therefore, you have a better chance of business success. 

– You don’t need to worry about the accuracy of your books. Your professional bookkeeper can handle that. 

-The reduction of time that you spend on bookkeeping is saving you on labour costs. The time you spend on bookkeeping isn’t actually free, after all. 

– You don’t need to spend any money on cloud accounting software. Instead, this is included in the monthly fee with your online bookkeeping service. 

– You will ultimately save money on taxes, as your books will be setup in a manner that enables optimal tax effectiveness and deductions.

– You won’t completely burn out. The stress of bookkeeping ain’t a joke. 

Bookkeeping is an investment, not a cost.

When you consider the cost of cloud accounting licenses and labour, engaging with a bookkeeper is almost always a more cost effective option.

On average, business owners who complete their own bookkeeping spend upwards of five hours per month gathering and sorting their documents. Completing Business Activity Statements (BAS) is additional labour time on top of that. 

When you get your tax returns completed by your tax accountant, they will charge you more if the documents are not organised perfectly. Joining forces with a modern bookkeeping solution, like Rumpel, can eliminate this expenditure.

Rumpel saves time and money and pain.

Rumpel is an end to end bookkeeping solution for Aussie small businesses. Our comprehensive accounting software covers off on all areas of bookkeeping.

At a price as low as $120 per month, Rumpel can complete all of your bookkeeping, payroll and BAS lodgements. 

Behind the scenes, there will be a dedicated account manager overseeing your books. They will ensure that there is complete accuracy throughout your files and BAS lodgements. You’ll also receive a monthly report to assist your business on its financial journey, and your tax accountant will receive an end of year financial package to assist with your business tax return.