Can Shopify Integrate with Rumpel?

Article by Emma Warren

Data shows that more than 34,000 businesses in Australia are currently using Shopify. Ecommerce has become a hit industry, so it is no wonder why thousands are opting to build their business on the platform. 


Just like you, we love Shopify. That’s why we have ensured that Rumpel can seamlessly integrate with the renowned website builder. 


If you are running an ecommerce business on Shopify and looking for a bit of assistance managing your bookkeeping, we are the best team to help you. 

Rumpel is perfect for Shopify business owners.

Our cloud-based bookkeeping software seamlessly connects with your Shopify data. Just like Shopify, we operate 100% online and like to keep our systems as simple as possible. 


We are focused on you and enabling your business to thrive. 


At the completion of each month, your Rumpel account manager will collate the information from your Shopify account, as well as any other details you have manually entered, and deliver you with accurate, honest and beneficial financials. 


We’re proud to partner with the best ecommerce platform in the world, and it’s our pleasure to round off your financial needs. With tools like Shopify and Rumpel, accelerating your ecommerce store has never been simpler. 

There’s even an incentive…

Users of Shopify can receive 20% off their first six months of bookkeeping with Rumpel. We are so confident that you will love our service that we can even offer an initial free trial on top of that. 


Yes, you heard us – a free trial when you first sign up, and then 20% off your bookkeeping fees for six months. 


We just can’t wait to learn more about your business and demonstrate how we can assist you. Browse our website and request contact from our team today.