Advice for employing in a small business.

Article by Emma Warren

Start-ups and small businesses can act a little like tumbleweeds. Once the motion gets going, they cannot be stopped. When your business starts to get onto a roll, one of the hurdles you will need to jump over is the employment of your first team members. Although employing can be a stressful process, there are certain pieces of advice that can make it a whole load simpler. The Rumpel team have outlined a few crucial tips to assist you in the employment journey. 

Make your advertisement as appealing as possible.

Similar to how you will be selective in your hiring process, the best candidates will be selective in their job-hunting process. To attract top-notch employees, you need to make it clear that you’re offering a top-notch role. 

Don’t hire the first person that you see.

The perfect candidate might not submit their application overnight. Even if you are desperate for new resources, it will be in your best interest to wait an appropriate time for more applications to flood in. The longer you wait, the more applications you will have to choose from, and the better your final choice will be. 

Consider more than their experience.

Most small business owners will agree that attitude is more important than experience. Candidates that express genuine interest in your advertised job role will put more effort and care into their work. A junior employee, with the right attitude and enthusiasm to learn, can have more long-term value to your business when compared to a knowledgeable yet unenthused employee. 

Get the correct documents signed.

It’s important that you know the law before you begin hiring employees into your business. There are various laws which give Australian employees the rights to certain wages and leave throughout the year. There are also tax, superannuation, and workplace safety obligations that you must adhere to as an employer. 

Use resources if you are struggling.

Many external HR companies will be able to guide you through the employment process, ensuring that you select a prime candidate and induct them sensibly. If it is your first time hiring a team member, and you do not have an in-house HR representative, you could benefit from talking to an external HR consultant.

Put them on probation.

There is no way of truly knowing how your new employee will perform when they finally arrive for their first shift. Expressing themselves well in an interview setting does not necessarily mean they will deliver on-the-job. Engaging them on a probationary basis prior to becoming a fully-fledged employee means that they will have the opportunity to prove themselves before you commit to keeping them long-term.

Ensure your workplace fosters a dynamic environment.

If you want your employees to work their hardest and deliver brilliant results for you, then you need to provide a job role which is fulfilling and exciting. Employers across Australia are slowly recognising that a supportive and welcoming workplace is the key to a hard-working team. By keeping your team happy, you will encourage them to drive success in your business. 

Get your payroll into the hands of a professional.

As a busy business owner, arranging ongoing payroll can be challenging. With a service like Rumpel, you needn’t worry about your payroll obligations. As part of our bookkeeping service, we can arrange payroll solutions for your micro business. With our trained bookkeepers and leading-edge software, you can rest assured that every pay instalment will be delivered on time every time.