A little bit about us.

Our goal.

We are kick-starting a revolution in the world of bookkeeping.

Rumpel is an Australian-first bookkeeping solution that combines all of your bookkeeping needs into one place. 

Our goal is for you to stop wasting your time on bookkeeping and BAS. As a small business owner, freelancer or contractor, you have more important things to worry about.

While you focus on your products, sales and marketing, we will keep an eye on your books. Handing your bookkeeping over to the professionals means you will have a better chance of success.

Our focus.

We want to look after owners of small businesses and tax accountants by creating a completely new, totally tech based service that revolves around human interaction and support.


Our team.

Our Rumpelers are chosen based on their unique skills, strengths and even some weaknesses! We want our clients to be able to connect with their account manager whenever and wherever they need it and get down to those nitty-gritty questions. 

The only way we can do that is through this amazing team.