Frequently Asked Questions.


Other bookkeeping software like MYOB and Xero give you the tools to do your own Bookkeeping. 

We do it ALL for you. Rumpel isn’t for people who want to sit and search through their own receipts and enter it into a computer system. We are for the people who don’t want to have to worry about it!!

We can transfer your data without you ever having to lift a finger. 

Yep! We are happy to help with all prior bookkeeping woes.

We use an amalgamation of Rumpel and QuickBooks Online for accurate and clear reporting.

We will connect your bank and merchant processor accounts to the QuickBooks software for a seamless transfer. On a rare occasion we may need further information but we will do so in a simple and secure manner.

Pricing and Plans.

We understand that businesses grow and evolve over time. As a result of this, we allow for easy upgrades and downgrades on each Rumpel Plan.

Of course. Rumpel makes sure that no one ever feels locked into our service and we will make your transition from Rumpel as easy as possible if need be.

Security and Privacy.

Rumpel utilises password-protected logins, multi-factor authentication, firewall-protected servers and state of the art encryption technology for data at rest and in transit, we have the security in place to give you peace of mind.

All of your data will be deleted off of Rumpel and QuickBooks online servers to ensure data security and anonymity.

Think of the ‘cloud’ as a hard drive you cannot physically see. It holds and stores all of your data in it. It is secure as all of your data and  information is encrypted for protection.

Trial and Discounts.

Everything. We give you the full Rumpel Bookkeeping experience.

You will receive all of your end of month reports and if you choose to leave us after your free trial you get to keep the work we have completed for you. 

Yes! We have special discounts for Tax Accountants and Shopify Partners, as well as competitions and giveaways throughout the year.

We get it sometimes we might not fit your business needs. If you decide to cancel Rumpel you take all of the data we prepared for you when you leave.

What if I already have a bookkeeper?

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to move on from someone that you are comfortable with. However, switching to Rumpel offers some pretty amazing benefits.

Firstly we live up to our name, you will have no delays in your delivered financials and they will be 100% accurate.

Secondly, we are pretty cheap in comparison to traditional bookkeepers. On our Basic Plan Rumpel will cost you a total of $1440 annually. With a traditional bookkeeper you could be paying from $4,000 and up. Why not start a free trial and see how you go, if you don’t like us just cancel.

About Rumpel Bookkeeping.

No. We are purely a bookkeeping service. We partner with Tax Accountants by providing them clean and accurate books.

We are a dedicated team of bookkeeping experts led by two CPA accountants with a combined experience of over 40 years in small business accounting.

Nope! Here at Rumpel we are 100% paperless. The reason is 2 fold.

  1. We care about the planet and sustainability.
  2. Being paperless allows us to organise and secure your data more effectively