Security you can

What if I don't trust the cloud?

Think of the ‘cloud’ as a hard drive you cannot physically see. It holds and stores all of your data in it. It is completely secure as all of your information is encrypted. Therefore, it cannot be hacked.

But… we get it. It’s hard to trust something you can’t physically see, here at Rumpel we understand your data is sacred and there are many measures in place to protect it. 

Your data is safe.

Rumpel utilises password-protected logins, multi-factor authentication, firewall-protected servers and state of the art encryption technology for data at rest and in transit, we have the security in place to give you peace of mind.

Everything we do is protected with Verisign. This means everything is only accessible with a login, two-step verification, firewall and encryption technology.

Rumpel follows guidance from TRUSTe Certified Privacy to ensure your data is not sold to third parties for promotional use. 

Accountability is key. Anyone accessing your information will only do so via a fully encrypted and secure personal login. This allows for an easy audit trail and more confidence for you!