Shopify + Rumpel.

We want to take the stress out of bookkeeping through our cost-effective bookkeeping option that provides to accurate books every month!


What we're about.

If you are running an ecommerce business on Shopify and looking for a bit of assistance managing your bookkeeping, we are the best team to help you. 

Our cloud-based bookkeeping software seamlessly connects with your Shopify data. Just like Shopify, we operate 100% online and like to keep our systems as simple as possible. 

At the completion of each month, your Rumpel account manager will collate the information from your Shopify account, as well as any other details you have manually entered, and deliver you with accurate, honest and beneficial financials. 

We’re proud to partner with the best ecommerce platform in the world, and it’s our pleasure to round off your financial needs. With tools like Shopify and Rumpel, accelerating your ecommerce store has never been simpler.

What people are saying about Rumpel.

"As a small business owner with less and less time to monitor my books Rumpel has been a great help with tracking my spending and income, where they’re both coming from and the numbers on both. With a simple set up to start, it’s been great to get the monthly records and see my bookkeeping clearly. I highly recommended Rumpel for small business."
Owner of Run for Body and Soul

Why we think you should try Rumpel.

"Rumpel is a great tool, especially for small businesses. It really provides peace of mind that all of your business finances are consistent and accurately produced. When people create their own businesses they aren't thinking about spending all of their time on their books... and we want to ensure this doesn't have to happen."
Chief Growth Officer

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