Tax Accountants

Trust us with your clients books, and get accurate financials you can actually rely on… +15% off each clients bookkeeping.

Tax Accountants.

A partnership you can rely on.

We know how hard it is to find a bookkeeper based on our prior experience… trust us!

Rumpel was partially created for that pain point. We want to save you from suffering this exploratory journey by providing your client with accurate financials.

You focus on the tax, while we focus on the books.

Year end tax ready file.

Rumpel operates with complete transparency, so you can obtain easy-to-interpret insights whenever you need them. Quality data means more informed decision-making for your clients… and hopefully less of a headache for you!

The full package without the commitment.

We get it, committing is hard work! 

Because of this, we want to do your clients bookkeeping for free for an entire month so you can give us a test drive. 

If you don’t like us, no worries we will just give you that months data and away you can go.

And the best thing… there is no credit card required!

Why should you become a
Rumpel Partner?

Grow with Rumpel.

When you partner with Rumpel you will receive a 15% discount. You can choose to extend this discount to your clients or keep it for yourself, resulting in more accuracy for them and higher financial gain for you.

Stop the headaches.

No more cross-checking, no more stress and no more headaches when you receive your books from Rumpel. We deliver accurate and transparent books so that you can focus on your actual job!

No more waiting.

We are deadline kind of people and bookkeeping is our only focus. When you partner with Rumpel, you won’t be waiting on us for your monthly financials.

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*no credit card required