The Rumpel Culture.

Our team is at the heart of everything we do.

At Rumpel we believe our people make or break our success.  Although we are a fintech, Rumpel is a human business at heart and without our amazing, talented and dedicated employees we wouldn’t be able to succeed or innovate. 

Technology is at the forefront of innovation.

Technology is ever-changing and ever moving and we know it can be a bit confusing. When we consider all of these inventions that we never knew we needed, but will never give up (despite the phone screen repairs) it is possible to see how much our lives are impacted by a seamless click of a button. It is our goal to ensure Rumpel leads the Australian market in bookkeeping software and technological knowledge.

Sustainability is cool.

Rumpel likes to do small things to ensure we our protecting our environment.

Our cloud-based software allows us to be a 100% paperless company.

Pretty cool, huh!