Who Is It For?

Who is Rumpel For?

Rumpel is a small business here to support other small businesses. Our business was created as a response to the current outdated methods of bookkeeping. If you are sick and tired of your bookkeeping hassles than this is the perfect option for you. 

After Rumpel you will never have to lift a finger!


Chief Growth Officer

Why is Rumpel right for you?

Delegation is key to a successful businesses. You wouldn’t want your accountant doing your engineering or your marketer doing your taxes…. So why are you doing your bookkeeping?

Rumpel makes bookkeeping efficient, cost effective, and pain free. We want to help your business grow by handling your books!

Want to save your valuable time?

No matter what type of small business you’re running, Rumpel has the software and specialised Account Managers to assist you. 

We want to cut through the pain of doing your monthly books through a cost effective solution. 

A business to support other businesses.

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Kevin Mannix Owner - Run for Body and Soul

"As a small business owner with less and less time to monitor my books Rumpel has been a great help with tracking my spending and income. I can see where they’re coming from and and exactly how much they are. With a simple set up to start, it’s been great to get the monthly records and see my bookkeeping clearly. I highly recommended Rumpel for small business."

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Martin O'Connor Tax Accountant

"Rumpel has completely changed my day-to-day work life for the better.
I use to have to work late fixing bookkeeping errors or doing it myself when I couldn't get my hands on a good bookkeeper.
Since registering for Rumpel, I get books that are prompt, accurate and clear every month. An added bonus is the stable monthly price"

Quick maths.

You love your business
We love bookkeeping
Match made in heaven.